Monday, August 17, 2009


I HATE Dr.s especially Dr Larson whom practise in Coos Bay OR.He has made my life hell for far to long.I am tired of being sick because he screwed up.I feel helpless because I feel like I have no way to get him to realize what he did to me. To make matters worse I owe at least 21,000 dollars in medical bills which of course I cannot pay due to the fact that I don't work and probably cant work for awhile.I am dealing with all this crap of Dr's and my hubby is barely making enough for us to get by.I cant get insured for any of this because oh yeah stupid pre existing condition. I also have to get a tooth pulled and that is going to cost me money I really don't have(yes the tooth thing is my fault.) GRRRRR can life be any worse on the money front????

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