Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our weekend away

We went away this weekend to my mother in laws house.We had a wonderful time just playing with our family.We got there Friday and unpacked while G went to his job interview.He came back and was very unhappy with it all so he went and played in the pool.Our friends arrived and then we hung out for the rest of the day.
Saturday the girls had a day of hanging out and going shopping with no kids! It was alot of fun to be away from the kids.Besides the fact that G called me every hour to ask me something about them. I bought L her first pair of shoes they are so cute.We got back from our day and I went swimming that was nice.
Sunday G and his step dad went golfing so I was with my MIL and it was nice to talk with just her.Our friends had left to go do some shopping.I am glad they did because the kids were fighting alot. Well everyone got back and we just hung out the rest of the night.
Monday we left and got home and unpacked.It was alot of fun and I hope we get to move there soon.I am mad because my camera is full and I didn't get a chance to fix the pictures and take the ones off I didn't want on there.So no pictures of this weekend sorry.

Updates on a few things

Ok a few updates....G and I have talked and we are doing so much better.I was just having one of those days and needed to vent.

The job was a no go so back to square one.We might have another prospect we shall see.I hope we get to move very soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am so freaking annoyed with G.He has no respect for me I wish just once he would be nice and say honey thank you for being a good wife and mother.No I never get that I get why isn't this done and all you do is play on the internet.He thinks because I am logged in that I am playing.Sure when you have a 8 month old who gets into everything yeah I sure.I got the house all clean I was keeping it up really well till he starting nit picking every damn thing.He would say why isn't the dishes done or why isn't the laundry done I need clothes.In my mind I was thinking do it your fing self.He also has no sympathy for me and my health issues.I tell him I don't feel good and he says oh poor baby.I want to smack him hard but I wont.I love him but right now I don't like him very much.Why can't he see that the way he treats me isn't ok and that he treats L like a freaking princess and me the slave girl?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Interesting News

So yesterday as G was outside working on stuff he gets a phone call(Saturday).It is from a guy that he put a application in at in Medford.The guy said he was sorry he never got back to him the first time G sent in his resume.........Background G has been looking all over for jobs he has sent in many resumes to many places.We have hardly gotten a response from anyone from UT to here.He had sent this place a application and never heard back.So this time he sent a little message saying he wold like to hear back if at all possible.So back to the story I guess the company never received or this guy never saw G's application.Well this job is in Medford(where MIL lives and a place I would love to live) we are going there next weekend.So he has a job interview for Friday I guess the want a lead man on the swing shift 10 hr days 4 days a week.(which would be so nice then we would have 3 days as a family)We are hoping he gets the job so we can move there,it is ideal for us.It is only about 13 hrs from my mom and it would be straight interstate to her house.Plus they have wards there(yes) and a temple.I would love to live in a place where there are wards,I haven't lived in a place where there are more then one ward since I was 14.OK so I hope everyone will pray for him and us that if this is where we are supposed to go that we will be able to move there easily.

Friday, May 16, 2008


So we have had a very cold winter/spring then yesterday we have a heat wave!Yesterday it 90 or something like that I had all the windows open from the time I got up.It was still over 80 in our house it was to hot!If I wanted hot I would move somewhere else.My poor kids were so hot last night I had L in her diaper last night.Today is no better it is still hot but I opened everything and got fans going so it is a little less hot in here today.I got the pool out for H to play in today.He is happy to have it but I have no batteries so no pictures.I need to recharge them bad!So the heat here is no fun.We are going to my inlaws next weekend I am so excited we are going to have a pool and hottub so it will be so much fun.Plus I get to go shopping!!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mothers day

I had a good day I got up G took care of the kids.I didn't go to church again.I am working on it but it is hard.I called my mom but didn't get a hold of her till 8 my time.We went to lunch with G's family it was nice I had mexican which is yummy and the resturant gave the moms a carnation.The boys were very sweet and kept telling me happy mothers day.I realized yesterday it was my first mothers day with a future mother.So a good day for me besides L has a ear infection and I have a sinus infection.I have to take L to her Dr today(yeah a 2 hour round trip drive).

Oh and I got a laptop from my wonderful hubby.It was for Mothers day and our anniversary I love it.It is so much fun to have one right now I am chilling in bed and I don't feel bad lol.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Silly little baby

L thought it would be fun to try and get out her bouncy seat so I took pictures.She is so dang cute and getting way to big she is crawling already.I wish I could just get her back to a newborn.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The biggest thing to happen in my little town.

So my friend called me to tell me this boat was down at our port yesterday.I heard it is the Lady Washington( from the Pirates from the Carrinbean movie) it was stuck at our port.They went to fill up for gas and the tide went out on them.Our port has alot of sand and because of that the boat was stuck for 12 hrs.The crew got bored so they were shooting apples off with the cannons.Overall it was pretty cool!

T concert

T had his spring concert it was a cinco de mayo theme.It was very cute they say different songs and other stuff.They had different foods to eat from Mexico it was a lot of fun.G and L were having fun playing afterwards so I took pictures of that too.(sorry the pics are kinda blurry.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

H bday pics

H had his bday on the 3rd he had so much fun here are a few pictures from that.We also had a little party for him with family.I can't beleive he is 5 already where did the time go?