Sunday, May 18, 2008

Interesting News

So yesterday as G was outside working on stuff he gets a phone call(Saturday).It is from a guy that he put a application in at in Medford.The guy said he was sorry he never got back to him the first time G sent in his resume.........Background G has been looking all over for jobs he has sent in many resumes to many places.We have hardly gotten a response from anyone from UT to here.He had sent this place a application and never heard back.So this time he sent a little message saying he wold like to hear back if at all possible.So back to the story I guess the company never received or this guy never saw G's application.Well this job is in Medford(where MIL lives and a place I would love to live) we are going there next weekend.So he has a job interview for Friday I guess the want a lead man on the swing shift 10 hr days 4 days a week.(which would be so nice then we would have 3 days as a family)We are hoping he gets the job so we can move there,it is ideal for us.It is only about 13 hrs from my mom and it would be straight interstate to her house.Plus they have wards there(yes) and a temple.I would love to live in a place where there are wards,I haven't lived in a place where there are more then one ward since I was 14.OK so I hope everyone will pray for him and us that if this is where we are supposed to go that we will be able to move there easily.

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