Friday, May 16, 2008


So we have had a very cold winter/spring then yesterday we have a heat wave!Yesterday it 90 or something like that I had all the windows open from the time I got up.It was still over 80 in our house it was to hot!If I wanted hot I would move somewhere else.My poor kids were so hot last night I had L in her diaper last night.Today is no better it is still hot but I opened everything and got fans going so it is a little less hot in here today.I got the pool out for H to play in today.He is happy to have it but I have no batteries so no pictures.I need to recharge them bad!So the heat here is no fun.We are going to my inlaws next weekend I am so excited we are going to have a pool and hottub so it will be so much fun.Plus I get to go shopping!!!!!!!

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