Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well I keep forgetting to post about my weight and health stuff.Overall things are going in a good direction.I am not doing as good as I should but I have cut most junk out.This week has been bad.I have just not been that hungry so I choose the wrong food to it.I wish I could be strong all the time about food.I also think that if I had Aunt Flo that it would be next week because I am craving Chocolate which if you know me you know I am not a huge chocolate fan.I am going to the dr tomorrow and will let you know how it goes till then have a wonderful whatever your doing!

Friday, June 25, 2010


My brother is gone...yes I know it happened in Oct but today I just miss him.It has been almost a year since I talked to him.I feel like some things between us will never be resolved until I see him again.If he was here I would tell him sorry for not staying in touch and how proud of him I am.He was such a wonderful guy.Like when he took me to my homecoming while I was pregnant.I miss him today and I am not sure why?What is different about today then any other day? Maybe I have just had a harder week and or I am finally realizing he is gone.My family has lost so much.My dad dying when I was 11 my son passing away when I was 21 and my brother when I was 26.I know that Heavenly Father only gives us what we can handle but some days I want to be mad.I hated Fathers Days for so many years till I got married.But this last Fathers Day was really hard.With Greg gone there was nothing fun about the day.I miss my brother everyday and think about him and that I can't wait to see him again.

Dang Neighbor

So this morning and guy who I don't know comes to my front door complain about my barking dog.First it isn't my dog barking the most(yes he does bark and I try to keep him from doing it).Second he was so rude to me I was very snarky back to him(yes I know I should have been nice.)Right after her left I brought our dog in.He then calls the police on me and says my neighbors and my dog bark to much.Funny thing my dog was in but the others were barking and making alot of noise.I told the officer I would make sure I would keep my dog quiet.But if the guy wants to press charges it is a 140 fine.Another thing how does he know it is my dog that does all the barking my neighbor has three dogs and there are tons of other dogs barking.How does he know it is my dog? I am just annoyed so I needed to vent about this.I am going to do my best to keep my dog in.I do feel bad for him because he loves being outside.