Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring break with no dad.....

Well Greg is gone now for 5 weeks.One down 4 to go I had all the kids home this last week as it was Spring Break.I almost lost it but hung in.My house is a mess and I am tired but thankful Greg has work.I miss him a ton but I can do this.This is just a new and exciting ride right.I meant to post some pics of my kids but haven't found the time.I will get it up soon till then I hope my writing will do.

Nancy Grace

So as most of you know my brother was killed in Afghan in Oct.I love the show Nancy Grace and she does a little segmant about fallen soldiers.So a month or so ago I wrote them a email and they called me.I was walking in Target and I get a call from a person who works for Nancy Grace.I was so shocked that this was happening.I will let you know when it will happen.I feel this is the best way to keep my brothers memory alive and let people know that he was a person and had a family who loved him very much and misses him.