Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good day turned to not so good

So I am totally excited my best friend just had her fourth baby.It was a long and hard pregnancy for her and she now has a beautiful baby girl.I am jealous she has two boys and two girl.

I have been sick since Saturday and this afternoon I had horrible stomach pains.I went to the dr and she thinks it is a stomach bug.But she took my blood just to be safe so we will know more tomorrow.I then was running late to get Trent to scouts.Normally we have a friend of ours take him but our signals got crossed and he left before I could get him.I then took Trent with my other two to the scout leaders house.So it has been raining all week and they live on a super steep hill and it is all gravel.Just as I get to the top I get stuck.I mean really stuck.So her hubby comes and he gets it more stuck.Long story short it took three guys to get my car out lucky there was no damage to it.

So now my two youngest are in bed I have taken a Vicodin.I am going to curl up on my couch and watch Dear John. Oh yeah I have officially lost 8 POUNDS!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great News

I went to my dr today and I have lost 5 pounds so far!!!! I am so excited,proud, happy, probably all those feelings and more.I just need to get to working out and I will be so much better.I hope by this time next year I will have lost alot more!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Food and Gilmore Girls

Ok so I am so bad at this blogging thing.I am doing very well eating the good things.I still have days when I want to veg and eat bad but they are getting few and far between.

On a other note i finally gave in and started watching my seasons of Gilmore Girls.Now if you know me I have a very special place in my heart for this show.When I was sick in the hospital and recovering this show got me through a very rough patch in my life.When it went off the air I was so sad, I vowed to not watch the show till I could forgive the people who made the show .Well I had a dream about the show(yes I am weird) and I started watching it again.It is like watching a new show all over again.I am so happy I have started watching it again! If you have never watched the show you should try it.The writing is amazing and I love how fast they talk because that is how I talk.Anyways I am done going on and on about the show.