Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trent's Baptism.

So Trent was Baptised on Saturday.My little brother Logan did the baptism it was wonderful.Greg even cam so that was nice.It was a very spiritual experience.I wish everyone could have come but we had a nice turnout and that meant alot to Trent.Here are a few pics.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A day in Jacksonville

We went to Jacksonville with my brothers and sister in law.It was so much fun I have never been it was alot of fun so here are the pics.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just some pics of the kids because I found my camera and realized I hadn't used it since christmas...sad I know.So the other pics are Trent with his instrument for Cubscouts.....there are Hot tamales in it yummy needless to say.I have to say my kids are pretty darn cute.


Easter pics I had to take them on my phone so they aren't the best. But they are pretty dang cute if you ask me.Besides the one that Hunter is mad in but hey we can't win them all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Past friends

People come in our lives sometimes just for a few moments but do they really know the impact they have on a person? I always wonder if I have touched someone and that they wonder what happened to me for instance I have a few different people I think about.
I had a friend whom I was very close to.I will call her Stacy,I loved her as much as a friend could.We both lost a baby,both our third boy and only about 18 months apart from each other.I would like to think I helped her at some point in her loss.I know I did at some point help her.Sometimes the ugly jealous bug comes rearing its head.I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year and she had just lost her baby about 6 weeks prior.She told me she was pregnant i was so mad because she was drinking and not doing anything right.(yes I know humility isn't always my strong point.)Plus on a side note my true BFF( I will call her Polly) had told me the night before that she was pregnant unexpectedly.(with her I was able to explain that I was jealous).So anyways back to the other friend Stacy.I tried to be a good friend but after the whole Jealous thing we lost touch.She went through alot with her next pregnant.(I did end up getting pregnant 6 months later...with my beautiful daughter).I know that some of the reason we lost touch was because I had hurt feelings.But I now know she started doing drugs again.After moving to Medford I cut her out of my life.I still wonder about her and her 3 boys.I hope the best for her and I know at the time when I was friends with her was what we both needed.I think I needed her and her loss more then she needed me.I went through her loss like it was my own.I never really dealt with my son's death.I was so excited to have a friend who was going to have a baby.I loved that baby like a family member.I remember after Stacy baby died I called my mom and just cried,it helped me remember alot that I forgot and made me deal with what I never had.
I have had other friends who I knew and loved or just a random person.Like the friend that I had in 2nd grade I loved her and she was a good childhood friend I wonder what happened to her.When I was 7 I had my tonsils out there was a girl at the hospital who's sister was there having something done.She was sweet and nice to,it made the surgery very easy.I also remember all the nurses and Dr.s who saved my life.I found out one of my Surgeons (who was awesome) was a a member of the same church I went to.I always felt close to him.
OK so I am not sure if this is a weird post but I was just thinking about this and how people come and go and who knows maybe we touched them someway.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lo fell down and broke her crown

Lo fell off the second from the last step and this is what happened.She hit the cement hard poor baby.This is only about the third time any of my kids at this age have hurt themselves this bad.She is ok I promise.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

As I think back on my last 26 years I have come to realize I knew he was always there.He knew I would come back to him and he loves me.I know I haven't been a good daughter.I know he loves me and I knowo that I am forgiven.I think as a mother I know understand my love from my Heavenly Father how wonderful is it to know how truly blessed I am to have his love.I use to wondeer how i got so lost...life seemed to come and go and bam I was left behind.Satan he worked hard on me and when I fell I fell hard.I moved at 14 to a new town and I had never nothad a strong church influence in my life.Theone friend I did have that was LDS was by far from perfect.Not to say that it was her fault because it isn't.Satan figured out a way to get me and I guess I just couldn't fight himI had had such a hard time since I was 10.I think there was something I lost when we moved my strength.I love the church and Jesus Christ.I went on in life thinking there was know way I would ever be able to be forgiven,but that is what is so wonderful about Repentance.I felt so lost for so many year.So much has changed in the last year,I was the one in ninety-nine.I moved to Medford and I knew he had found his lost lamb.What a wonderful feeling.I have hadgreat loss in my life and trials.I know alot of people don't go through things I have had to or will still have to go through.I know I have Heavenly father to lean on.I have never felt the Holy Ghost so much since I was 14.It is a beautiful thing to be loved and found.I use to say I don't cry I never was in touch with my emotional side.Ever since I have listened to the Holy ghost I have felt the overwhelming comforting emotions.I have been crying the wonderful and yet sometimes sad tears that I have kept in for far to long.When people say how can Heavenly Father truly know them.I guess I am starting to know and feel how can't he.With faith in Heavenly Father anything is possible.I never thought any of my kids would be baptised and in a few weeks my son whom helped me become a mother is going to be.Baptism is such a awesome thing.How loved are we to be able to receive such a gift.A compass to help guide us how many people walk this earth lost and unhappy.I have been one of those and I can truly say I have been found again and what a beautiful thing it is.I guess not so much found but reminded of how much my Heavenly father loves me.How can you be truly lost when Jesus never leaves you..either you leave him or you never know of his unbinding love.It amazes me everyday that the love he has for us is so overwhelming it is wonderful.I am truly blessed to have the church and Heavenly fathers love for me in my life.