Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am alive I promise...things have been very crazy.One Greg will going to Texas in a month or so to spend 2 weeks helping put pools in w/his SD.I am trying to come to terms with that.Plus as usual Greg is kinda being a poophead about the internet thing.Still not sure when we will be getting it sooner rather then later.Lora is getting so big and she is such a doll.She is starting to walk she is getting in 2 teeth(FINALLY).She is such a joy in our house besides refusing to say mommy and only saying daddy.She dances to any music and rocks her babies when I sing to her when she is holding them.I am doing good keeping busy with the boys and running them to school and back.I have not missed a week of church since I moved here.Although I have a long ways to go I am truly finding my spirit again.It is hard taking 3 kids by myself but I know I will be truly blessed for atleast going and being a better example to my kids.I love the Lord and thank him everyday for the life he has givien me.As most of you know moving was a huge step for us and even though it is far from easy I am truly happy with my decsion.