Friday, June 25, 2010

Dang Neighbor

So this morning and guy who I don't know comes to my front door complain about my barking dog.First it isn't my dog barking the most(yes he does bark and I try to keep him from doing it).Second he was so rude to me I was very snarky back to him(yes I know I should have been nice.)Right after her left I brought our dog in.He then calls the police on me and says my neighbors and my dog bark to much.Funny thing my dog was in but the others were barking and making alot of noise.I told the officer I would make sure I would keep my dog quiet.But if the guy wants to press charges it is a 140 fine.Another thing how does he know it is my dog that does all the barking my neighbor has three dogs and there are tons of other dogs barking.How does he know it is my dog? I am just annoyed so I needed to vent about this.I am going to do my best to keep my dog in.I do feel bad for him because he loves being outside.


Sandy said...

Since you stated you don't know the neighbor, I assume he had not approached you previously about the barking. If that is the case, he handled it very poorly. How can a person know another is disturbed unless they are told? There are too many people in this world who expect everyone else to be mind readers. It sounds like you handled it properly, or at least more so than him, and I can't imagine him being allowed to press charges since he had never made it known previously that there was a problem.... When someone is being nasty towards you, it is hard to not be nasty back...

... on a side note, I don't own a dog, I don't want to own a dog, I don't particularly like barking dogs.... but I also accept it is part of living in a neighborhood and deal with it.

Brittany said...

Yeah he has never came to me.I think that is why I was annoyed!