Monday, May 19, 2008


I am so freaking annoyed with G.He has no respect for me I wish just once he would be nice and say honey thank you for being a good wife and mother.No I never get that I get why isn't this done and all you do is play on the internet.He thinks because I am logged in that I am playing.Sure when you have a 8 month old who gets into everything yeah I sure.I got the house all clean I was keeping it up really well till he starting nit picking every damn thing.He would say why isn't the dishes done or why isn't the laundry done I need clothes.In my mind I was thinking do it your fing self.He also has no sympathy for me and my health issues.I tell him I don't feel good and he says oh poor baby.I want to smack him hard but I wont.I love him but right now I don't like him very much.Why can't he see that the way he treats me isn't ok and that he treats L like a freaking princess and me the slave girl?

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Kelli said...

Oh, Brittany- I am so sorry.