Monday, August 31, 2009

Dead until Dark

I finished the book yesterday all 292 pages so here is my review:

So the book is ok, at the beginning it was very slow. I honestly enjoyed the book once it got going (more as it hit the middle of the book).The story is pretty easy to follow except when it skips ahead before I was ready for it.Sometimes she sorta hinted at stuff but then kinda leaving you with a "wait what just happened".The whole Vampire thing is a little boring to me I like Sookie the best, she is a character I can relate to.I also want her to end up with Sam..although I am sure that isn't who she is going to be with. The only thing I really have a issue with is the Vamps can only come out at night. The fact that they sleep in the ground bugs me.I like that they are mainstream and known about though...that makes it more interesting.I would rather they be like another Vamp book and be able to be out all the time and never have to sleep.Anyways you should read it at least to see what the hype is about and let me know what you think.

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Tana said...

I thought this book was okay. I bought the 2nd and 3rd after reading it. I did like the story about Bill and I thought the Elvis thing was hilarious. I didn't like the Club scene and I don't like the bad vamps that
Bill is friends with. Sam is great and Sookie's brother is an idiot!