Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In my own little corner in my own little world.

Ok so my place where I found a connection is right in front of my front door.So if you ever come visit me watch out.

So I have a crazy friend who is full of crap and lies to me all the time.She reminds me of Casey Anthony...yeah the baby killer.Anyways she has filled me with a line of bull and I am tired of being used.So if it is you then tell me the truth about the drugs and let me be your friend.Or maybe just cut me loose PLEASE!!!!!

Man I feel like such a downer lately.So having 3 kids and a husband home today was crazy.I like having my own time and do what I want.So no more Veterans day or sick hubby's.I sometimes want to go on strike I mean do the dishes ever stop? Why can't laundry do itself.I need to invent something that will do my laundry.Since I am so totally afraid of our garage since we had a rat problem.Their hole is right next to our washer...hey maybe I can get them to do my laundry like in Cinderella.Ok wishful thinking.I wish I had a maid then she could do everything for me.Greg needs to get a higher paying job lol.Maybe I could have a Super Manny,has anyone see the previews for the new show?I think it just might be my dream come true.I get to boss a guy around and not have to sleep with him.I can just send him home and sleep in my own bed by myself.Ok just kidding gotta love my husband right?

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