Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thanks Kaylene I just LOVE being tagged(not really)

10 years ago~ I was 15 I already post this on my other tagged post so read below

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire~ 1.Start a foundation for greiving parents who have lost a baby 2.Buy a huge house 3.Pay of all my bills 4.Buy my dreams cars 5.Donate to different places
3 bad habits~ 1.I forget to clean my bedroom 2.I am on the computer way to much.3.Oh there are to many to pick 3
5 places I’ve lived~ Look on my other tagged one
5 jobs I’ve had~ Look below :)
Some things you may or may not know about me~ Ok hmmm well I have to think about this but I am not everything I want to be.I feel bad about not going to church.I miss Bradly and my dad way more then I want to admit and I cry about them more then ppl probably think.I say I am a open book but really I am not I wont cry in front of you and I am not very good about telling you No.I guess that is my downfall I will do anything for anyone but most times I am not all that happy about that.
Ok I am going to Tag Amy Jenni Jenn anyone else can do it too.

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Kaylene said...

Sorry, I didn't realize it was so popular at the moment. Anyways I enjoy reading about you! (((HUGS)))