Sunday, February 24, 2008

I was Tagged...Thanks Amy!

Rules: 1.) Answer Question 2.) Tag 5 people - post their names on your blog & then go and leave a comment on their blog telling them to read yours, so they know what to do.

Thanks Amy just cuz I said there was nothing Juicy on my blog you let me do this.what great fun(saying that very sarcastically lol)

10 YEARS AGO...I was 15 and had a care in the world I was just wanting to get my permit but didn't get it till April fools day.My mom said they were fools to give me one lol.I lived in Bandon Or and was in cheerleading at the time.I was Sophmore in high school and it was a greatr year for me!

5 PLACES LIVED...1.Portland,Or 2.Henderson,NV 3.Seattle ,Wa 4.Denver,CO 5.Many towns in Oregon

5 THINGS ON MY LIST TO DO TODAY... 1.take care of my kiddos. 2.Read 3.Take a bath 4.Watch TV 5.Make meals...not much going on today it is Sunday

5 Jobs I have had...1.Housekeeper 2. SAHM 3. cheese factory server 4.Gas attendent 5.sandwhich maker

10 YEARS FROM NOW ......Well lets see I will be 35 and have a almost 17 year old,15 year old and a 10 year old.So it will be interresting since I wont be having any more kids I will probably have some sort of part time job.I am sure that I will be going on 17 years of marriage crazy!I hope we have moved from this awful town and have a home of our own.Other then that yeah I am not sure!

Ok I guess I need to tag a few I am going to tag Ash,Lynette,Amy,Zana and Celeste.


Kaylene said...

How fun! Yesterday I tagged you too, but some of the Q's are different. ;)

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Ok I completed it! :) I just turned the two into one post, since some of the questions were repeats.