Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vday dance

Greg and I went to the Stake dance tonight.It was so fun and we had a wonderful time! The funny thing is that Greg who isn't a member of my church brought up the idea to go...crazy huh.He said he might even go to church with us tomorrow.....heres hoping!


bloggin_momma said...

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dpg said...

Prayers are powerful! I was a single-mom for 17 years and everyday, I know the Lord held my hand. Enjoyed your blog and plan to follow, after I send this comment. Your entries are genuine and that's why your name (and his) will be on my prayer list. Some people have asked me how I can pray for "strangers". I replied, "you're my friend; but, if you only knew that I prayed for you when you were a stranger to me". She hugged me and we cried tears of joy soonafter. So, thank you for being so genuine, it's the Lord shining through you. ~dpg

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