Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Shopping is done!!!!

So I did my Christmas shopping and I'm done!!!! I had to buy for us and from Greg's grandparents.So I got some killer deals.It is tight this year so Greg and I probably wont be getting anything but that is ok.I don't need anything and neither does Greg

I got Trent:
Battleship,Candy land,Three shirts and pair of pants,A Nerf basketball hoop,a cash register,Bakugan cards PJ, and a church outfit which is super cute.They are getting part of that stuff from Grandma

Hunter: Memory,Connect four,Chutes and Ladders,three shirts.pants,Bakugan cards,A tool box of art stuff,church outfit It think that is it.

Lora: Two babies, a Barbie ,a Graco baby baby stuff ,a outfit,PJ(I got for free) they are super cute.

So I spent about 150-175 and I am done I think I did pretty good.The PJ I got for the boys were 3.25 at Target and their shirts were all under 5 bucks.I didn't spend over $15 for the boys.Lora's Graco baby kit was 25 but that is a good deal.Santa still needs to do stockings but that should be easy.I am not sure if anyone cares about what they are getting but I wanted to write it out because then I know the kids are going to get some nice stuff .Plus I am done so that is nice.

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