Friday, December 12, 2008

My morning to the Airport or not.

So my day started off so crazy.I took Greg to the airport thinking he would be delayed but nothing to bad.Well not my luck.I get a call at 10 from him.He said come get me I was like ok so I get Lora up from her nap.Just as I get her in the car Greg calls back never mind I am going to Texas.So I was like ok when is the plane leave? He says 12:50 I say do you want me to come get you?He says nah I am fine.So 10 mins later he calls come get me I need to get some money from my mom.I was like ok are you serious.So we go have lunch I drop him off at 11:30 he calls me as I am leaving the airport to tell me his flight was delayed again because the stupid fog.So I go get him again.We stay home till 1:15 and I drop him off he is now on the plane but will be staying in Las Vegas tonight because he missed his connecting flight.But he got off and he gets to stay at the Hardrock Hotel tonight which he will love since he has never done anything like this.So now it is 1:45 and I am tired and still have to go get the boys.I hope my day gets a little better.

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