Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My dads family

So I was talking to my mom yesterday about my dads family.After my dad died I never really saw or talked to my dads family.I think there is alot to the story but for some reason I just never kept in touch.Well I decided to call my grandpa H I talked to him and my grandma.They are such sweet people and I was very happy I got to talk to them.I sent them a email of pictures of my family.They have never seen my kids.I feel bad for them they never really got a chance to meet us and know us.I wonder how that must be to loose your son and then loose your grand kids too? I hope to stay in contact with them.I found out my grandpa H is pretty sick he has diabetes emphysema and congenital heart failure.I know he never took very good care of himself and it makes me realize I need to take better care of myself.I hope I get to see him someday soon.He only lives about 4hrs from me.I also learned that I have 3 aunts that will live 30 miles from me.Maybe I will try to go see them.My grandpa H talked about my dad and how much he loved to hunt and fish.Which is cool because I really don't know much about my dad.My mom never really says much.I wonder who I am more like my mom or my dad.It is hard to not have a dad around and want to ask him something and not be able to.I know HF does thing for a reason but sometimes I still wish he hadn't.Yes I know it is horrible to think that but I miss my dad after 15 years.I think about how much he would love my kids so much.Maybe that is why I got a hold of my grandparents.I guess I should say that my grandpa H is bio and my grandma is not.My other grandma died a few years ago.So he is my only link to my dad.He told me a story about when my dad went hunting he took his dads gun and had to walk 10 miles back to get his gun.My dad said if did take it back his dad would have shot him.I have never heard this story it was neat and now I have a story to tell my kids so cool.I guess I am rambling but I needed to write this down for my sake.

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Kelli said...

That is great that you got in touch with your grandfather. I bet that felt really good. If they live close to where you live now, you should try to get there to see them before you make your big move.

Have fun! They will love meeting your kids!