Friday, June 6, 2008


Packing sucks!!!!! I have so much to do and I so don't want to do it.Iam so excited to move but can't someone else pack? We move on the 21st if we get the house otherwise we leave anyways and stay at my MIL house which should be interesting lol.Anyways still packing and taking care of kiddos.


iBcHiRo said...

OH MY GOSH! I think I remember Chantelle saying she found your blog or a myspace account or something crazy like that....I'm so glad you found me! How are you? I can't believe you have been married so long and have three kids! Crazy! Thanks for your comment on my blog. By the way, I used to pack for a moving company in the summers when I was home from BYU. I loved it! Of course I was getting paid for it. Good luck with all that! I'm glad we can keep in touch now through our blogs!

The Lyons Family said...

Good luck with your move today!! I am so excited for you to be moving. Call me when you get settled! Love ya!!