Sunday, March 30, 2008

A few little thoughts from me.

Well I planned on going to church today but my son got sick.I hate when I have plans to do something.Why is it when I try to do something good it doesn't work out! I am feeling much better and I am trying to do the right thing.I guess when they say take one step and fall back two steps.I am so frustrated I want to be a full fledge member of the LDS church but it seems like every time I try to do good I fall and hard.Atleast I can't drink any more that is sucha blessing.I don't now where I would be with the boys and L they are my life.G is such a strength to me I love him more everyday.

I know a couple and they have been married as long as I have and they are having a very hard time right now.I feel bad for them I just wish they could see what they are doing to there kids.Their 5 and 2 year old are out of control and they don't even see it.They are so disrespectful to their parents and the parents let them.How can you let your kids rule your life?I just want to say hello tell them no! I can't because I am not that kind of person and I feel bad that they can't control their kids.Why is it so confusing to them to not see that they are hurting there kids? I guess I am worrying about something I can't change but want to help them so much.I want their kids to feel loved and wanted, they do love their kids but sometimes they just let them get away with so much.I mean really who lets their 2 year old run around in the rain or let their 5 year old play Hallo as much as he wants? I am not trying to be judgemental but how can I change me feelings...there is now way.I mean the parents don't even sleep together because they have to sleep with the kids.Come on your relationship is important I think you need to have sometime to be together.Not sleeping together is totaly causing some bad stuff.I really love both of them but how can you change ppl that are much older then you? They are like sub.parents so I guess I don't want them to have problems or break up.My friend said she doesn't even love her hubby sad is that?She said they are just livng together and raising there kids together it is all so sad.

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*Lynnette* said...

I didn't make it today either :( Next week is conference, and the following week is my uncles baby blessing, so hopefully I'll get to ward in 2 weeks.