Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I suck at blogging but here is what has been up in the last few months

It has been so long since I have posted. Life has been a very big trial for my family these last few months. I had a surgery to fix my adhesion problems on 11-11-11. During the surgery they found a hernia the size of a small apple. (I have been in a lot of pain this last year).I spent four days in the hospital. I was happy they found it because it made a lot of people I know eat crow,especially my MIL. Sorry that was mean but she yelled at me at one point saying I went to the dr and ER for nothing. She said it was all in my head.

So two weeks later I got a staph infection (MRSA I have been told by some and others say it was regular) So the staph thing was awful, they had to open me up in the stomach area to release the fluid. They put me in the hospital for 3 days I have been on antibiotics for months, every time I get off the antibiotics I get a bacteria infection. Well these last few weeks I keep getting abscesses so I keep getting cut open to drain it all. This last time they cut in the wound (that was the original wound from the staph) that was almost healed, except it kept draining weird green stuff. In the mist of all this Greg was let go of his job. They gave him a really bad reason for being let go. We think it was because he had to take nights off to keep the kids because we had no one to help us. So we are living off state help and unemployment. We just have to wait for taxes and we will be able to pay our bills.

This trial has had me struggling with my faith. But I know that HF will get our family through this. I wish life could be a little easier for my family, but with Greg being able to go to the temple in early Feb I know Satan is working hard on my family. We will be getting sealed this year(can't believe I would ever get to say this) and I know Satan doesn't want that for my family. I think it will be weird for me to go with someone to the temple. Except for my first time I have always gone by myself. I have very spiritual things happen when I go.

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