Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodnew but a vent first

Just wanted to let everyone know we are here for another year YAY. I knew we were supposed to be here a little longer but wasn't sure if HF felt that way.Anyways we got our answer.Greg was having a very hard time deciding if he wanted to ever go back to TX.His step dad is a very shady person he is being sued as we speak owing the employment agency he went through money,plus when Greg was there he heard from a reliable source that he thinks Greg should get a girlfriend and leave me :o.Are you kidding me how dare you say that to anyone.So that was a huge thing that made Greg mad.Plus his mom has been making horrible and very rude comments to me and I refuse to talk to her any least till she gets it through her thick skull it is a very rude thing.She made one comment about the new phone I got she said why do you need such a nice phone your just a SAHM :oReally my phone was 30 bucks back off.I am done with her and her annoying personality.I need people in my life to lift me up not down.Oh and she said I was texting the whole time I was at her house...really I wasn't if that was true then Lo would never have gotten into the pool with me watching her making sure she didn't fall out of her toy.I am sorry if your freaking backyard isn't 1 year old proof so I have to stay in the house and be bored.But it is ok for her DD to text all day long whatever.
Anyways he called unemployment and found out he can get back on unemployment on the 1 condition he doesn't go back to TX. Plus the amount he is getting is just enough to pay our Rent for next month.Plus we applied for Food stamps and will be getting those as well.I know it will all work out with prayer and going to church.It will be tight but we will manage an DI get Greg home where he belongs

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