Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why does two stupid ppl have to ruin my life? I hate them so much they are ruining a relationship with some good friends.I hate them I am at home sitting here crying because I can't handle it anymore.Why wont he just listen to me and let it go it wont make it any better.My life is going to get much worse and I am not sure I can handle it.I hate life right now if I didn't have my kids I so wouldn't even care to pick up and leave.I am not sure I will make it my body and nerves are so shot.There is nothing I can do I am stuck in the hell hole I have to call a town.I thought everything was fine and dandy then bam and my life is so crappy.I keep trying to think this to shall pass and I hope it does very soon.So life sucks but I am going to just sit in my hole and try not to think about all the bad and think about my kids and wonderful hubby.

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