Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am so thankful for my mom.She is such a survivor...have a severe handicapped child and being widowed with 7 kids,going through a couple of abusive relationships.She is such a awesome example of what a mom should be.I wish she knew what a great example of a women and mother she is to me.I finally figured out who I want to be like when I grow mom It is sad a amazing how different moms can be.

My mom I love her!
I used to wonder why Greg didn't get along with his mom.I always thought that he over exaggerated how his mom was.She always seemed so nice and friendly...till we moved by her.I have come to realize that Greg was completely right about her.She is very hypocritical and thinks that rules just don't apply to her.Her sister is a HUGE druggie and low class...I realize my mother in law is like that just with money.Cheating on all your 3 husbands and lying and living a not so secret life(Greg called that she was cheating a month ago).I feel so sad for her she has made her life a mess and only she can blame herself.She needs alot of help and who knows if she will ever get it.I will pray for her and hope that she finds the real inner peace she needs.I will still be a support in her life but wont believe a word she says anymore..I have lost all respect for her and I hope that someday she can gain that back.I feel so bad for Greg what a example of a mother.No wonder he has trust issues.If I had only know that when we were first married. He remembers when his mom would go drop him off at his dads work so she could go screw other men.It is so sad that he has to remember this about his mom.I could go on and on about her drug use and so on and so forth but I wont.It just makes me sad to see her ruin her life once again.
I hope every mom out there knows that what you do whether you know it or that you do leave a impression whether good or bad.I think that sometimes we forget as moms that we do have precious little gifts from Heavenly father to raise.

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